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Third Successful Year with Westminster School

This summer marks the third year that we have hosted Westminster School at Root Camp! It all began a few years ago when Cassia, Root Camp’s founder/director, received a call from a Westminster teacher and foodie – who wanted the boys curious about our courses. Four courses later, and a fifth coming up in September, we’re pleased to say that Root Camp has become a regular residential expedition option for the boys.

Almost like clockwork, the boys step off the bus talking about classes, homework and sport. Sooner thereafter, they are introduced to the world of cooking. By the end of the course they cannot stop talking about ingredients, which type of bread is their favourite or the vegetable they swore they would never eat that is now actually ‘quite good’. In fact, we are even the cover of their The Elizabethan 2017 with a participant’s well-written article.

But of course it isn’t just the cooking skills that keep Westminster School Boys coming back. Our courses give students the opportunity to work on their communication and collaboration skills. They are exposed to new foods, smells, types of people and lifestyles, all of which seem to take students by surprise and get them outside their comfort zone.

Root Camp looks forward to more collaborations with schools as we expand. For more information, contact us at