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Sylvain Jamois

I started cooking at the age of six when I was entrusted with vinaigrette-making duties at home in eastern France, where my grandmother owned a traditional bistro. It was she who taught me to really taste and experience food.

We soon moved south where I tasted new flavours and an abundance of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. I was also exposed to merguez, rose petals and the scents and spices of Moroccan cuisine.

I came to England and went to work at Moro – a restaurant in London with roots in Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean. This was a wonderful apprenticeship in an open and nurturing environment where a cook could really develop.

Now I work as a freelance cook for many different people and organisations – as well as in a primary school. My rich and varied experiences give me energy and plenty of inspiration, which I love to share with the young people at Root Camp.

When people understand the value of eating well, and also the need to look after the planet – I believe they will make better food choices.  Root Camp is a perfect context for making that happen.