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Teacher Chef Position

Opportunity Available at Root Camp
For Teacher Chef to run one of our courses
Dates: Wednesday 28th of June – Monday 3rd of July 2017

Root Camp is a residential field-to-table cookery school for young people aged 15-21. Students spend half their time in the kitchen creating simple, healthy and cost effective meals from scratch that we eat together as a group. They spend the other half of their time working ‘in the field – planting and harvesting, fishing, foraging, beekeeping – and more..

The Teacher Chef role is an incredible, life changing experience. It’s the backbone of the course and at times a challenging one, but with endless rewards. You would be responsible for devising and delivering an intensive culinary course for a group of 16 students (divided into two groups), and ensuring everyone eats well at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You need to have a flair for working with food and with young people, and be able to cope with unconventional cooking spaces and long hours. Most of all we need Teacher Chefs who are able to create and lead inspiring learning experiences for students, which leave a life-long impact.

Job Description
– Design a culinary course which will equip students with a range of basic cooking skills, inspire them to cook more at home, and leave them hungry to learn more about food and cooking. Our Cook’s Pack contains more information on course requirements.
– Provide Root Camp with a course plan using the templates provided. This includes the menu and plan for each morning and afternoon session. The course must be appropriate for the students’ age and background, the season, location, and Root Camp aims. Respond to any queries and modify menus or plans within a week if required.
– Provide Root Camp with all recipes for the course in the required Root Camp format and style. Respond to any queries and be prepared to modify recipes within a week if requested.
– Check Root Camp’s ingredients and kit lists to ensure everything will be in place for the course.
– Arrive at the venue a minimum of 24 hours before the students arrive to meet the Project Manager (PM), check the space, equipment, ingredients etc are in order, and go through the class plans with the Assistant Chef.
– Manage the Assistant Chef (AC) and Kitchen Porter (KP) during the course. You would be responsible for their work and their contribution to the success of the course.
– Take responsibility for the delivery of the culinary course, and all meals, including the management of ingredients and leftovers, prepping, cooking, serving and clear-up, with the support of the PM, AC and KP. This includes managing students’ participation and welfare.
– Take responsibility for health and safety during classes and mealtimes. This includes but is not limited to: catering for food allergies and any other dietary requirements; overseeing the use of knives, stoves and other potentially dangerous equipment; ensuring foods are stored, handled and cooked safely; reporting any injuries, illnesses or other incidents immediately to the PM.
– Liaise with and respond to the PM and all other Root Camp staff as needed and required by them, before and during the course.
– To meet the series of deadlines in the run-up to the course. Details are in the Root Camp Cook’s Pack.

Person Specification
– A passion for food and cooking, coupled with extensive knowledge of both.
– Substantial professional culinary experience (e.g. as chef, caterer, instructor etc).
– A flair for teaching – the ability to inspire, motivate, guide, empower and educate others.
– Shared Root Camp values (please see our website and Cook’s Pack).
– Able to take responsibility and lead, with experience in a leading or managing role.
– Highly organised and efficient, punctual and reliable.
– Adaptable, flexible, able to take initiative and problem-solve in fast-moving situations.
– CRB check certificate (this can be organised by Root Camp HQ).
– In depth knowledge of food provenance and sustainability issues and debates, such as those around food miles, seasonality, agro-ecological farming, food security, food justice, fair trade, wild fish stocks, animal welfare, etc.
– Track record of teaching cooking, including to children or young adults, with evidence of positive feedback and outcomes for students.
– Experience of cooking in unconventional or challenging spaces, e.g. boats, barns, fields, etc.
– Specific culinary knowledge and skills in areas of particular interest to Root Camp, e.g. reducing food waste, promoting sustainable seafood, cooking on a tight budget, using foraged ingredients, etc.
– A range of professional culinary work experience, e.g. as chef, caterer, instructor etc.

– £300 fee for course development (depending on length of course) including class plans, recipes and attendance at the Chef meet-up.
– £240 per teaching/cooking day of the Root Camp course, or pro rata amount.
– Agreed expenses (chiefly travel to the Chef meet-up and the course venue itself) will be reimbursed.
– Root Camp will provide food, drink and accommodation during the course.
– All fees and expenses are paid on invoice after the course has been delivered.

How to apply:
Please look at Root Camp website:
Please send Martica Otto:, the following documents (as Word or PDF files):
– Your CV (max 2 pages).
– A covering letter (max 400 words) that explains why you want the job and how you meet the person specification outlined above.
– The names and contact details for two referees.

Deadline for applications: April 16th, 2017
For more details, please request our Cook’s Pack and standard Teacher Chef Contract.

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