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Root Camp is Now a Charity!

Welcome to the Root Camp Foundation CIO!

We have passed all the tests as set out by the Charity Commission and have their stamp of approval, which is fantastic news! Being a charity means that we are what we say we are, and that we do what we say we do. It is a confirmation that we have a system of checks and balances in place, and conduct our business with transparency.

Being a charity open routes to future funding for Root Camp and speaks directly to our future donors, funders and to our whole community.

Thanks go to Rosie Parr (Lancaster Parr – Charity and Community Law) who expertly led us through these hills and hoops of putting together our successful application.

So now what?

We are in a better position to achieve our goal to scale Root Camp – to reach more young people, pay for more bursary places, and to run more courses throughout the year.

Our first step is to acquire a Root Camp home to bring stability to our operations – this will allow us to systemise activities, develop relationships built on continuity, and become financially self-sustaining within five years.

We have our hearts and minds set on a beautiful stone barn – The Malthouse – a National Trust property on the north Devon coast.

Over the next two years we will restore the barn and make it our Root Camp flagship.  Having a stable base, that reflects our values and mission, will enable us to strengthen our community and deepen the impact of the activities we offer. The first round of architectural plans have been submitted by architect Petra Elkan.

The National Trust has graciously offered to fund phase one of the building development, and we are incredibly grateful.  But we need your help, as we will be raising funds for phase two!

While this project is taking shape we will be work to increase our bursary fund, develop school and college partnerships, and recruit the right team to steer our ambitious plans forward.

So Root Camp has a big fundraising campaign ahead!

The Board of Trustees at Root Camp has been dynamic and creative in pushing us forward thus far, and they will be vital for this next stage.  As will our loyal supporters and friends just like you!

We hope you will follow us on this journey!