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Grilled Gem Lettuces

Oliver Rowe and the Westminster School Boys made this in Suffolk last year and it was perfect light and flavourful starter. It’s very easy to put together, healthy and a great idea for entertaining a few friends or your family.

Serves 4

  1. Drain the anchovies of oil and place on a piece of paper towel for a few seconds
  2. Put in a shallow dish and drizzle with a tbsp. of oil.
  3. Leave to sit whilst preparing the rest of the dish.
  4. Pick and wash the herbs, dry them in a salad spinner. Chop them medium coarse and mix them in a little bowl.
  5. Make a dressing with the mustard, the garlic (crushed), the vinegar, the oil and some seasoning.
  6. Fry the bacon or pancetta over a medium heat in a little extra olive oil until crispy, remove from the pan to a piece of paper towel on a plate. Unless burnt, reserve the fat from the pan.
  7. Heat a griddle pan until it’s piping hot.
  8. While it’s heating, trim and cut the little gem in half – brush with oil. Place them, cut side down, on the griddle.
  9. Cook until nicely charred and turn them over for a few seconds.
  10. Remove from the pan and slice in half lengthwise.
  11. Place two on each plate and garnish with the bacon, the anchovy slices and drizzle with dressing. Scatter the herbs liberally on top.

Photo by Joe Woodhouse Photography