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Sylvain’s Christmas tips

It’s Christmas so here’s a note from Sylvain who continues to refine and extend our seasonal menus and mastermind the cooking side of life at Root Camp.

Hi Guys, it’s nearly time for…Christmas! We’ve had a great year at Root Camp and I hope you’ve remembered some of those skills you learned on the courses. This is the time of year for some serious cooking and eating. Instead of trying to take over the Christmas meal – why not contribute, without crowding the already busy cook (we know what happens when too many cooks get involved).

The obvious thing to do would be to give you a fool proof roast turkey recipe or an alternative way to use sprouts. But there are plenty of those recipes around if you need them. The recipe I am suggesting isn’t a particularly a traditional Christmas one but has all the warmth and spice you’d expect at this time of the year. Prepare it the day before you need it as the flavour only improves with time – it would be great to pull out on Christmas Eve when people are getting everything ready, or after Christmas when looking for something quick and tasty!

I picked this up when working at Moro, It’s a classic winter warmer which is simple, hearty and a real crowd-pleaser. Make sure you really caramelise the vegetables in the first part of the recipe as it adds a great depth to the dish. Replace the chorizo for some peeled and cubed butternut squash for a vegetarian version – just add a little smoked paprika to make up for the lack of smokiness from the chorizo and you’ll have an equally delicious stew! Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!