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How does my child get to and from the camps?

We allocate a meeting time at the train station closest to the venue. As many of our participants from London, this is normally based on the arrival time of a London train. A Root Camp team member accompanies participants on the London train. At the destination station, the group is met by another member of the Root Camp team and escorted by mini-van to the venue.


If I want to drop off/pick up my child is that ok?



My child is allergic to xyz

We ask that all allergies be disclosed on the application form. We ensure that your child is not at exposed to or at risk of an allergic reaction. At least one member of our team is first aid trained.


What clothes should my child pack?

Clothes should be suitable for all weather conditions and the types of activities we do (i.e. outdoor activities). Breathable clothes that are easy to move around in as well as wet-weather apparel should be packed. Shoes that have a good grip and Wellington boots for outdoor pursuits should also be brought along.


We don’t have any Wellington boots or outdoor clothing – will there be some to borrow?

We are unable to provide clothing or Wellington boots.


How can I communicate with my child over the period?

Many of the venues we use are fairly remote with limited mobile connectivity. We will provide all parents and guardians with contact numbers of the venue as well as Root Camp Project Manager at the venue.


When are mobile phones / iPads allowed?

Mobile phones and iPads are allowed however we request that these only be used during free time or for Root Camp related activity. We are often at locations with limited connectivity so mobile phones/ iPads may not always work. Most importantly, Root Camp is an intensive experience where we highly encourage young people immerse themselves in the course and their surroundings.


If my child gets injured or ill, what will happen?

Depending on severity, we will treat the participant with first aid by qualified staff. If necessary, we will contact the local doctor, or take the student to the nearest hospital.

We carry out comprehensive risk assessment and are aware of the nearest hospital and clinic. The Director will escort the injured/ unwell student. A consent form to do so is provided to parents as part of the application process.


Who goes on the course (in the past) and may I contact any of them to hear their experience first hand?

We have participants from all over the UK (as well as the world) come to our courses. They are from different schools and colleges, with some on their gap year. We would be able to put you in touch with past participants if you like. Please also look at participants testimonials on our website for feedback from previous years.

Where do the kids sleep? How many to a room? Do boys and girls sleep separately? How is this supervised?

Participants sleep in different accommodation depending on the venue. In the past, we have slept in tents, dorms, cottages, and converted barns. Boys and girls sleep separately. While we are unable to supervise this at all times, we ensure that all participants are aware of the rules and regulations at Root Camp – as well as the consequences of breaking these rules.


Is there any alcohol at the camp? What will you do if some of the kids bring alcohol?

Alcohol is prohibited at the camp. We are strict on this rule however are unable to supervise this at all times.


Is there smoking allowed at the camp? What will you do if some of the kids do smoke?

Smoking is prohibited at the camp.


How much free time is there during the day?  Are any leisure activities organised?

Root Camp is an intensive experience where the majority of time is spent in the fields, kitchen, or with guest speakers. However, during any free time in the day/ evening, we explore the local area, have campfires, and play music, chat, play games. We also organize a movie night, normally on the last night of camp.

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