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Westminster Summer Expedition

29th June - 3rd July

We’re thrilled to be back in Suffolk this year to run two Westminster School expeditions – Summer and Autumn.

Summer Course Dates:
Thursday 30th June – Monday 3rd July 2017

Our chef for the Summer course is Lisa Silcock. Lisa runs Black Pot catering, providing food for events and parties using seasonal produce inspired by world flavours. She began her career making anthropological television documentaries but was always obsessed by food and read recipe books in the African jungle when she was meant to be working. Alongside her catering business she has been a cook for Riverford Organics and written recipes for their weekly boxes and runs cooking classes for her clients at her kitchen premises in London. In between she gardens her organic allotment and is an unpaid caterer for her husband, teenage children and dog. Having been a Root Camp supporter for many years she is delighted to be joining the team.

Participants will split into two groups, spending half of their time in the kitchen learning to cook healthy, delicious and affordable meals from scratch and the other half of their time participating in field activities with local Suffolk growers and producers.

The final programme is being confirmed and activities may include:
Foraging, making fires, carving, making cheese/sausages, working with sheep, exploring natural remedies, beekeeping, building a cob oven, butchery.
Evening talks and story-telling will be included.

To apply, please fill out an Application and Consent Form

Application Form

Please contact us if you have any questions! or 0202 567 1039

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