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Build your own Root Camp!

Plan your own event – like a team-building weekend, or a birthday party!

We realise not everyone has the time to commit to a weeklong course, and so we are offering shorter (but just as sweet) events that we can put together with your wishes in mind.


We are now offering 2-3 day Root Camps as part of our programme.  These will be hosted at one of our amazing venues, and will run over a weekend. Of course, you’d still venture into the field with local growers, make wonderful dishes to share, and hear stories from a myriad of interesting people, and take home a batch of delicious recipes – we’re not going to change that!

Do you have a group of friends who want to come on a Root Camp?  Do you like the sound of Root Camp for an event (like a birthday party, family holiday or school reunion)? If so, please get in touch. We’re also happy to arrange gift vouchers for birthday parties or other events!

If you don’t have a group already, but quite like the idea of a weekend Root Camp (who wouldn’t?), that’s not to worry – just send us an email to say that you’re interested in a shorter Root Camp. If we get enough requests, we’ll be in touch with everyone who has registered their interest!

We’re very keen to run Root Camps for all everyone – so we’ll happily accept requests from any age group, regardless of whether you fit our current 15-21 age range!

Simply put, we want to help you come on a Root Camp that works for you. 


What could be better than cooking, working on the land and eating together? At Root Camp, we’ll arrange everything for you – transport, accommodation , activities and menu – and tailor it to your requirements.   We can cater for everything from a one day mini-Root Camp where you might plant a herb pot to take home, cook in teams and eat around a long table adorned with platters of seasonal and celebratory dishes, to an intimate team building weekend for 10, learning how to make ravioli from scratch and mixing cocktails with foraged ingredients. It’s all up to what you want, and we’re more than happy to advise.

The programme

All short programmes will be run just like normal, but condensed down to fit the time available.

Groups will be split into two – whilst one group cooks, the other will work outside.  We eat meals together and, in the evening, welcome a speaker or watch a foodie film.

Have a look at a sample menu and activities for a weekend:

Sample Menu

Sample Activities

We pledge to reinvest all profit we make on them into our charitable bursary fund and operations. So, your group will not only have a great time themselves, but enable young people from across the UK to share in your experiences and memories on their own Root Camp.