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What People Say

What Our Community Has to Say…

“Under the tutelage of inspirational chefs, farmers, butchers and horticulturalists – Root Camp gives teenagers an exciting, practical and sensual experience, with the power to change their eating habits for a lifetime” – Guy Watson (Riverford Organic)

“Root Camp is an ambitious and spirited enterprise… committed to changing teenagers awareness of food and related issues – its provenance, impact on the countryside, distribution – through cooking and feasting with others.”– Jason Gissing (Co-founder of Ocado)

“Last summer at Root Camp, I shared a delicious supper with a group of city dwelling young people, clearly liberated by their close encounter with nature, and bonded by sharing tasty food from locally grown vegetables – foods some of them had never eaten before. It was amazing, and an inspiration!” – Patrick Holden (Farmer and Director, Sustainable Food Trust)

“Root Camp is doing brilliant things to get kids excited about food. The hands-on learning creates food knowledge and cooking skills that last a lifetime.” – Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

“The kids were really switched on, despite having spent a long day in the kitchen and field. The topic of food and textiles was really animated. It inspired one group to do some independent online research afterwards and another to have an impassioned debate on eco-fashion. The organisation of the evening was structured, but not stifling. There was a lot of laughter over supper, which was delicious. Inspiring and wonderful!” – William Lana (Greenfibres)

What Parents Have to Say…

“Root Camp gave my son practical skills, and also encouraged him to be experimental. He is now an independent cook! He loved the social side of camp – made up of a wide-ranging group, all united by their interest in food. He can’t wait for the next one!” – Jane (Parent)

“Thank you so much for organising the trip to Bolara 60.My Daughter had an absolutely amazing time and came back just brimming with enthusiasm, not only for the cooking (which was a highlight) but about the people, the place and all the activities. You obviously have the recipe just right! She was pretty much straight into the kitchen on her return – baking bread, making stock, planning the week’s meals, and we enjoyed a mouthwateringly delicious risotto for supper on Sunday evening.” – Sally (Parent)

What Participants Have to Say…

“The best step out of my comfort zone I’ve ever taken both culinarily and socially.” – Michael (Participant)

“I arrived with my hair straighteners and took my handbag on a cliff walk! (After five days at Root Camp) I don’t care what my face looks like any more.” – Maleesha (Participant)

“A once in a life time experience to discover and explore new interests with incredible people, no matter how passionate you are about food in the first place.”- Shannah (Participant)

“My experience was very positive, but too short.” – Aina (Participant)

“One amazing week. Four years later I still regularly think about it and laugh at the memories.” – Iona (Participant)

“Exciting and eye opening.” – Max (Participant)