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Our Suppliers

Suppliers give us the wonderful ingredients needed to welcome young adults into a world of cooking that is more than ready meals. We rely on a group of likeminded growers, gatherers and creators to supply us with sustainable, traceable produce. If you think you could join this group, please get in touch with us with what you have to offer at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Palfrey & Hall

Shaun Palfrey and Deaglan Hall run Palfrey & Hall, and with 25 years of local butchery experience between them, we can safely say that they know their meat. Palfrey & Hall provides an artisan cutting, smoking and curing service to the local smallholding – and meat loving – community. They not only supply us with the ‘traditional’ meats for our courses that we can’t find in the fields, bringing us the best, slow aged chicken amongst other delicious, responsible meats, but also have run sausage making workshops with our students.


Aldecarr Farm

Aldecarr Farm has been growing a wide variety of crops, fruits, vegetables and raising Red Poll beef since their beginnings in 1981. We purchase 90% of the produce we use on our Suffolk courses from their beautiful farm shop outside Ipswich, which ensures we know the provenance of all our ingredients and see where it all calls from. Their range of soft fruits is always a huge hit with the participants.



Riverford Organic Farms were the original hosts for Root Camp, generously supporting us on their farm in 2010, and have been a large part of both the Root Camp story as well as their own mission to bring both organic produce and vision, as well as good cooking, to the nation.