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Our Speakers

Speakers are key to stimulate the debate we encourage on all our Root Camps. In order for young adults to appreciate the concerns with our food production, delivery and consumption, we bring in speakers from all walks of life, who all have a unique relationships and experiences with food, the environment or sustainability, to name a few. If you’d like to speak on one of our courses, and feel that you have insights and knowledge to share with a group of young adults, please do email us at to discuss.


William Kendall is a culinary entrepreneur, organic farmer and part of the team behind Green & Blacks and New Covent Garden Soup Co.


Sarah Partridge runs Orchard Barn, a charity holding workshops teaching traditional, sustainable building practices.


Ben Mackinnon is the founder of E5 Bakehouse, and a passionate force behind sourdough bread, natural grains and slow baking.


Mike Warner runs East Coast Avocet, where he shares insight and experience into the realities of the UK fishing industry, with an aim to educate, enthuse, inspire and inform the public.


Josiah Meldrum helped found Hodmedod’s, supplying the country with British grown beans, focused especially on varieties that have fallen out of use, despite their delicious tastes and historical presence in British cuisine. They recently won Best Food Producer in the UK at the 2017 BBC Food and Farming Awards.


Caroline Bennet founded Moshi Moshi, a sustainable sushi restaurant in London, and is at the forefront of campaigns to protect fish stocks.


Patrick Holden is the founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust, working internationally to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable food systems. He recently won the Derek Cooper Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2017 BBC Food and Farming Awards.


Guy Watson is a farmer, founder and creator of Britain’s largest supplier of organic produce through the mechanism of the ‘organic box’ scheme, with Riverford Farm. He is a passionate producer of organic food, and a great supporter of Root Camp.


B Chocolates hand makes artisanal chocolates in Suffolk, using local produce such as honey in their award-winning chocolate thins.