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Our Accounts

How is The Root Camp Foundation Funded?

The Root Camp Foundation is powered by generous donations from a variety of supporters, be it charitable trusts, parents of Root Camp alumni, private individuals or businesses we have partnered with.

All our funders recognise the Root Camp provides a life-changing experience for the young people who participate – giving them a new relationship to what they eat, cook and buy with a positive impact on their health and well-being.

We are hugely grateful for the enthusiasm, loyalty and support of all those who donate to the Root Camp Foundation.

Root Camp makes a profit on all our courses from the non-bursary funded participants, which is essential to keep the Root Camp Foundation sustainable. 100% of this profit is directly reinvested into our courses, and in building our team, to multiply the delivery of courses in a wider variety of locations.

Once we have a permanent base for our operations, we will be fully sustainable based solely on this course-derived income, with all donations supporting the bursary fund.

Detailed below are our accounts for the last 6 years, from our beginnings as a CIO, then CIC to our current charitable status.

Root Camp Foundation Accounts

Year End 2017

Year End 2016

Year End 2015

Year End 2014

Year End 2013

Year End 2012