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Our Bursary Fund

The Root Camp Foundation Bursary Programme

Ever since Root Camp was conceived in 2010, Cassia Kidron (the founder and current director of the Root Camp Foundation), we have worked to enable young adults to come on a Root Camp, regardless of their background or financial situation. We recognise that often the people we can affect the most are those from backgrounds without the same exposure to and education about healthy, nutritious food at home - and by offering people in this situation the chance to come on a Root Camp for nothing more than the cost of a train fare, we can directly help this group that is very vulnerable to poor dietary habits.

Our bursary fund takes contributions from all sources - you can donate to it using the "Support Us" button above! We are extremely grateful for the generous contributions from all our supporters - and whether you give £25 or £250, it will all go to a very worthy cause. It costs us almost £1000 to provide a full bursary for one student, due to the work that is involved in arranging the places.

Over the last 7 years, we have welcomed over 150 participants on Root Camps with the support of our bursary fund, and for all of them it has been an eye opening experience. We provide funding ranging from 20-100%, and always encourage applications from any hopeful participant. All cases are considered individually - you can apply using this form. We will contact the referee you give to discuss your situation, and then get in touch with you to offer you a bursary.

If you have any questions about how our Bursary scheme works, where we get our funding from or how you can apply for a bursary, please email