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Our Field Leaders

Field Leaders range from locals with a passion for foraging, to neighbouring farms that share our desire to educate young people, and are happy to have a group to visit and work in the fields. We primarily establish these relationships ourselves once we have sorted a venue, but if you would like to be in touch regarding a future opportunity, please email


Tikel Farm – up the road from Bolara 60, and taught us about olive harvesting, preserving mushrooms and making traditional pasta.


Paul Jackson – one of the most popular evening activites is Paul’s storytelling, with his wonderful renditions of classic tales, eclectic collection of instruments and irresistible charm.


Jon Tyler – Jon is an experienced Suffolk based forager and wild cook, who leads mushroom and berry gathering, identifying flora, and making fruit leathers.


Old Hall Community  – The Old Hall Community is a group of individuals living, growing and working in an old manor house in Suffolk. Members of the community teach gardening, traditional herbal balms, and introduce the students to livestock on the farm.


Trevor – Trevor is our local ferreter in Suffolk, who takes the group out and demonstrates the traditional method of ferreting, for hunting rabbits.


James Linford – James taught the group how to carve beautiful wooden spoons, using traditional hand techniques – no powertools here!


Jessica Herriot & Gordon Stevenson –  Based on the Isle of Bute, Jessica and Gordon taught wonderful workshops revolving around Black Park wood on Bute, when we were guests there.


Myrtle Cooper – wild edible plant specialist Myrtle Cooper, who has been teaching foraging since 2014, lead foraging at Dartington. Myrtle is passionate about connecting people with wild plants and the great outdoor larder, and facilitating a sensory and immersive approach to learning about wild edible plants.


Martin Crawford – the director of the Agroforestry Research Trust, working at Dartington on their Forest Garden, and educating groups as to the benefits of sustainable forestry.


Totnes & Kingsbridge Association of Beekeepers – taught the kids about bee lifecycles, honey and the environmental benefits.