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About Us

Our Mission

To change a generation’s attitude to food and empower young people to lead healthier and more independent lives.

How We Do This

We achieve this through teaching young people about the value and provenance of food and how to cook simple, healthy, and cost effective meals from scratch. Our residential courses for young people combine teaching with hands-on experience of:

— Growing and sourcing ingredients directly from the field

— Preparing and cooking meals for each other


Root Camp was formed in reaction to an increasingly urbanised society, where there is a disconnection between our food and its source. Our over-reliance on processed food full of hidden ingredients, combined with a less active lifestyle, has led to a younger generation challenged with obesity and other diet-related health issues.


We are committed to a socially diverse and inclusive approach. We provide support for people from lower income families to attend, as this is where health problems are most severe. We have also found that diverse groups are the best way to achieve changes in attitude and behaviour.

All our courses have just 16 participants per course in order to give each participant one on one attention. We also offer bespoke school programs to accommodate particular program requirements.

What Do Our Participants Leave With?

All students leave Root Camp able to cook simple, healthy, and cost effective meals from scratch…

…and our students understand that what they eat impacts their health, and gain awareness of processed food ingredients.

Our activities centre on food provenance which teaches our students to respect and care for the environment.

Interaction with contemporaries and adults from all walks of life teaches our students respect for each other.

The requirement to cook together improves cooperation and collaboration, and develops essential communication skills.

We place our students in new and unfamiliar environments, which builds confidence in exploring the wider world.

Our Values

— The value of food
— The power of participatory education
— Sustainable and fair food and farming systems
— The importance of cooking for leading an independent life
— The importance of food for good health
— Accessibility and diversity
— Co-operation, collaboration and respect
— The pleasures of food and cooking
— The power of adventure to inspire and create change