What are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots tempt with a constantly growing jackpot. The casino offers a fixed amount of winnings which will increase each time a player hits its reels. This means that the more players play on a certain machine, the higher its jackpot will be.

Progressive slots offer several solutions on how to “feed” the jackpot. It can grow when the user replenishes it by playing on a specific machine. Another type of jackpot predicts its increase when it is fed by players of a certain casino – it can come from a dozen machines, the so-called local jackpot. The last and perhaps the most exciting type is the jackpot, the amount of which is made up of machines from a network of casinos (the highest possible pots – up to several million euros).

Where to play progressive slots?

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Types of progressive slots

Progressive slots are divided into several types due to the way they function online and the jackpot increase. It is up to the player to decide which version of the progressive slots will be most suitable. Experience shows that the type of progressive slot machine has no direct impact on the frequency of wins or the ease with which it is possible to get a high prize. It is simply worth taking into account the comfort of the game and the feelings associated with its course in different types of machines.

Where can you play progressive machines?

Almost every online casino has progressive slots on offer. They belong to the group of slot machines very liked by players. Users, seduced by the vision of millions of euros, often spend long hours chasing their dreams. That is why it is worth choosing a casino that, apart from standard options, also offers bonuses for the game. On the occasion of regular use of machines, the player can receive occasional profits or rewards for completing the next stages of the loyalty program. Even if he fails to win the Legendary Win, he can significantly improve his account balance by using the funds from the promotion.

How to play progressive slots to win the jackpot?

The theory says that you can hit the jackpot on progressive slots for just a dozen cents. You don't need the highest rate for this. Casinos often tell you what bet won the jackpot and unfortunately, this is rarely the lowest stake. However, do not be discouraged. Happiness has no rules and it comes to those who strongly believe in them. It's definitely worth keeping an eye on the jackpot pot. Usually, the jackpot is hit when a certain threshold is exceeded. If the amount is close to a very high level, you can be almost sure that the winner will be hit at any moment. This is a good time to top up your player account and face your destiny.

Exclusive Bonus Offers

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Progressive slots are a group of machines for demanding players. They have an amazing atmosphere. The growing amount on the counter winds up emotions and allows you to feel like in a real, land-based casino. Progressive slots include thousands of titles, some of them are top games from the best providers: Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Mega Moolah, and many, many more. Playing progressive slots is a great adventure and a chance to make even the most incredible dreams come true.

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